David Seeds Roasted and Salted Pumpkin Seeds 2.25 OZ

Sale price$1.49


  •  DAVID Pumpkin Seeds, great for group and solo snacking

  • Hunger doesn't stop, even during crunch time. Munch on a tasty seed snack and keep your game face when minutes count

  • Packed with crunchy, salty, and delicious goodness, DAVID's pumpkin seeds have that dependable great taste you have always loved

  • Best served anywhere and anytime, these handy to-go snacks are easy to carry for those moments when hunger strikes

  • Each 2.25 oz. Pack contains about 1 serving, with 300 calories, 16 grams of protein, and 12 grams of fiber, as well as 15% of your daily allowance of iron, 40% of phosphorus, and 40% of magnesium per serving.

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