Goya 100% Pure Coconut Water 1L

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  • Organic, Authentic & Flavorful: Made from young green coconuts, Goya Organic 100% Pure Coconut Water cools your taste buds with the pure essence of the tropics. Our Organic Coconut water is 100% natural and 100% USDA Certified Organic, so it's the healthy choice for a light tropical beverage. Goya Organic 100% Pure Coconut Water is a super-hydrating, low-calorie way to pack in the potassium and nutrients you need to keep your thirst quenched and your body happy.
  • Naturally Hydrating: Quench your thirst with naturally hydrating GOYA Organic 100% Pure Coconut Water. Not to be confused with creamy coconut milk, this delicious tropical drink is the clear liquid found when you crack open young coconuts. Enjoy the great taste and refreshing flavor of GOYA Organic 100% Pure Coconut Water. This light tropical drink, rich in potassium, naturally hydrating and delicious.
  • Nutritional Qualities | 100% USDA Organic, Non GMO, Kosher, Gluten Free, Fat Free, 0g Trans Fat, Saturated Fat Free, Cholesterol Free, Low Sodium, Good Source of Potassium
  •  If it's Goya... it has to be good!

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