Smucker's Walnuts In Syrup Spoonable Topping 5 OZ

Sale price$2.99


Grab a spoon and smother your favorite ice cream in Smucker’s Walnuts in Syrup Topping. This is the perfect combination of your favorite nut in a rich syrup, and its addictive combination of sweetness and crunch will transform the way you build sundaes. In addition to ice cream, this walnut topping is a decadent addition to any baked good or dessert. Plus, this nutty ice cream topping comes in a convenient, spoonable jar. Whether you drizzle it or spoon it, your family will never get enough of Smucker’s Walnuts in Syrup topping.

  • Contains 5 Ounce Jar of Smucker's Walnuts in Syrup Topping
  • Crunchy walnuts mixed with a rich syrup
  • Topping in a convenient spoonable jar
  • Perfect for an ice cream sundae or your favorite snack
  • Also delicious drizzled over your favorite cakes and baked goods

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